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Monday, August 29, 2022

Instant Heart Rate: Heart Monitor & Pulse Checker

Instant Heart Rate: Heart Monitor & Pulse Checker 

The most accurate heart rate monitor. Track heart beat, bpm, stress, ❤ & cardio.

Most accurate and easy-to-use heart rate app

- Used in heart research at UCSF!

- Get your heart rate in less than 10 seconds

- Check your stress levels

- See trends and insights

You DON’T need a dedicated heart rate monitor to get your pulse, download Instant Heart Rate today and use your camera’s flash to see how healthy you are!

With over 35 million users, the award-winning Instant Heart Rate app is all over the web.

Featured in: CNN, The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, and many more.

#1 Heart Rate app in United States

#1 Heart Rate app in Japan

#1 Heart Rate app in United Kingdom

#1 Heart Rate app in Australia

#1 Heart Rate app in Germany

#1 Heart Rate app in France

#1 Heart Rate app in China

#1 Heart Rate app in Russia

#1 Heart Rate app in Canada

… and many more.

Instant Heart Rate is continuously rated as the world’s best mobile heart rate measurement app and is trusted by Stanford’s leading cardiologists for use in clinical trials.

Measure accurately your pulse and heart beat zone with your heart rate & health monitor after sleeping or during workouts & training. Instant Heart Rate doesn't require heart rate straps. Instant Heart Rate functions similarly to pulse oximeters, detecting change in your finger to provide accurate heart beat measurements.

❤ Measure your heartbeat, BPM, ❤, or pulse zone accurately in <10 seconds

❤ PPG graph (similar to ECG / EKG / Cardiograph) - see every heart beat and BPM

❤ Cardio workout monitoring to optimize exercise and track progress pre- and post-workout. Use HR as cardiovascular measurement.

❤ Heart rate training zones (Rest, Fat Burn, Cardio, and Peak)

❤ Google Fit support (heart rate and heartbeat data)

❤ No heart rate or heartbeat straps

❤ Share heart beat

How to use Instant Heart Rate, heartbeat counter, to measure your heartbeat accurately?

Place finger on phone’s camera to show resting heart rate.

Blood circulation to your finger tip may be altered if press hard on camera lens.

How often should you use Instant Heart Rate?

For accurate measurement, Instant Heart Rate should be used daily to measure heartbeat or pulse. Recommended to tag your heart rate after sleeping or during workouts to separate resting heart rate from workout heart rate.

અહીંથી વાંચો હાર્ટએટેક ના ૧૦ કારણો વાંચો સંપુર્ણ ગુજરાતી માહિતી રીપોર્ટ

What is a normal heart rate or heartbeat?

According to American Heart Association (AHA) and the Mayo Clinic, a normal resting heart beat ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute (BPM). Heart rate can be affected by stress, anxiety, depression, emotions, activity level, fitness level, body composition, and medication use. Knowing heart rate is important heart-health gauge and cardiovascular metric. Heart rate variability is important in measuring stress on your body.


- Instant Heart Rate is for entertainment purposes. Consult your doctor or primary care physician if you require first aid, have a medical emergency, heart attack, or cardiac event (when CPR required).

- Resting heart rate detection not intended to be used as a medical device or as stethoscope.

- Resting pulse oximeter not intended for heart disease or condition diagnosis (afib, heart murmur)

- Heart beat detection does not detect blood pressure.

- Resting heart beat not intended for baby heart rate. Use others specific for baby heart beat.

- Heart rate monitor may cause hot LED flash.

Instant Heart Rate: Heart Monitor & Pulse Checker

Keep an eye on your heart rate: get alerted immediately if there is a change in it

Normally, the heart beats 50 to 120 times per minute, so watch out for low or high beats: Dr.  Balbir Singh

 - There is no need to panic, just be careful and everything will be fine

 New Delhi: Max Health Care Cardiology Department Chairman and Head Dr.  Balbirsingh says that the heart is an organ that works very quietly but if the heart rate becomes fast, it can cause problems.

Normally, our "heart-beats" occur 50 to 120 times per minute.  Sometimes it increases to 130.  But if it goes above or below 50, it can become a matter of concern.

 If the heart rate increases while walking or doing any work, one should be careful, get checked by a cardiologist.

 Many a times 'heart-beat' increases due to some fear or anxiety.  It becomes dangerous if it goes above 130.  Thyroid gland also affects heart-beat.  If you are seeing a psychiatrist, you should also monitor your heart rate.

 In terms of rhythm, Heart is very rhythmic.  Its 'rhythm' is regular.  Be careful if it becomes irregular.  At the time of our birth, the heart is very regular.  But then the heartbeat becomes irregular due to various reasons.

 With this Dr.  Balbir Singh says that there is no need to panic.  (12 Mea Black) Heart will be safe if you eat healthy food and balanced diet.  Avoid smoking and drinking, keep blood-sugar under control.  Also get blood-pressure and cholesterol checked from time to time.  Be aware if your heart rate increases when you exercise.  You can also check the heartbeat by placing your finger on the wrist vein, you can check the heart rate by placing your finger on the jugular vein.  Count the rate for 15 seconds and then multiply it by 4 to know the heart rate.

Keep an eye on your heart rate: get alerted immediately if there is a change in it 

આપના હૃદયના ધબકારા ઉપર ધ્યાન રાખો: તેમાં ફેરફાર જણાય તો તુર્તજ એલર્ટ થઈ જજો

વિશ્વની એ 5 હાઈરાઈઝ બિલ્ડિંગનો VIDEO કોઈમાં બિઝનેસ ના ચાલ્યો તો કોઈનું પ્લાનિંગ જ ખોટું હતું, ...અને સેકન્ડોમાં જ કાટમાળમાં ફેરવાઈ ગઈ

પત્તાના મહેલની જેમ તોડી પડાયેલી 5 તોતિંગ ઈમારતોનો વીડિયો જુઓ

વીજકર્મીઓ માટે ગુડ ન્યુઝ: સરકારે 3 માંગ સ્વીકારી

મોંઘવારી ભથ્થાની ચુકવણી, વિદ્યુત સહાયકને હાયર ગ્રેડ, સિનીયોરીટી, રજાઓ સહિતના લાભ તથા શહેરમાં સમાવાયેલ નવા વિસ્તારોના અધિકારી-કર્મચારીઓને તે મુજબનું એચઆર આપવા સરકાર સંમત

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