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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

If you have eye irritation, swelling and itching in summer, do this home remedy

If you have eye irritation, swelling and itching in summer, do this home remedy

Sprinkling cold water on the eyes during the summer season gives a lot of relief.  This remedy also relieves eye fatigue and swelling.  First wash the eyes with warm water, then sprinkle cold water on the eyes.

  Doing this remedy improves the blood circulation in the eyes and gives relief.  Use a tea bag as an eye pad to relieve eye fatigue and swelling.  Dip the tea bag in warm water first then remove from the hot water and allow to cool.  Then use it as an iPad.  A thin slice of raw potato can also be used as an eye pad on the eyes.  It helps in eliminating eye irritation and skin problems.  Applying cucumber juice or shredded cucumber around the eyes gives relief to the eyes in summer and relieves eye fatigue.  Soak the cotton in the cucumber juice and apply it on the eyes like a pad.  Go to bed for 15 minutes and relax.  This home remedy also relieves fatigue in summer.  In the same way you use cold rose water

Mix cucumber juice and egg whites when it comes to another home remedy.  Apply on the lower eyelid every day for 20 minutes.  Then rinse with plain water.  Cucumber reduces dark circles and tightens the skin.  Egg whites nourish and tighten the skin.  Soak the cotton wool in cold rose water and keep it under the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes to get rid of eye irritation.  

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Applying shredded potatoes or potato juice around the eyes also reduces eye swelling.  The easiest way to avoid dark circles is to eat a nutritious and balanced diet, which includes fresh fruits, salads, yogurt, sprouted grains, milk, cheese, lentils and beans.  Adequate sleep and rest are also very important

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