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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Omicon’s sub variant XE Letest News

In February. Samples of a woman from Africa were sent for genome sequencing
The first case of Omicon’s sub variant XE in Mumbai

When a new Omicron variant of the Corona was discovered in the country
In 1,086 cases, 71 deaths were found to be highly contagious
New Delhi: Corona in India1,09 new cases have been reported. Came. Now of Omicon in India
The Ministry of Health on Wednesday unveiled the first of the Pita variant XE
The last case was reported in Mumbai on Wednesday

Mumbai Municipal Corporation reports death of six people in 8 hours
Have been. However, the active case. Given by an official of the corporation.
The number is reduced by 15. The relief is that, this
Is. The recovery rate of covid in the country is not a recent case. Brihanumumbai
4.5 per cent and the Municipal Corporation (BMC) a
Active case total transition. Said to be sent south in February. According to another BMC survey conducted in Mumbai
Is 0.03 percent. At present, out of 30 samples taken in the country from Africa, according to a female official in Mumbai, 4
Number of active cases 11,201

ઓમીક્રોન નવો કેસ બાબતના સમાચાર

Is. The daily positivity rate was transmitted by 0.5 sub variant XE. Having an omicron in the corona’s cup (6.12%) in the CIRO survey
1 percent and weekly positivity however, they also caught the case of a variant with no symptoms of the disease. Was noticed. There was only one case and he was cured. Muni. XE and other Kappa variants of Corporation officials
The rate is 0.2 percent. However, according to the new variant, this woman was of 4 samples. The condition of Municipal Kasturba Hospital in the 11th batch of its genome sequencing was not very serious whether the genome sequencing of the samples was transmitted to those who were infected. Details came out on Tuesday to confirm the exact result. The genome sequencing lab was conducted in Mumbai. Were, according to the officer. However, cases of genomics NIBG (M) have been reported.
Mumbai was not in Corona’s new strain.

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