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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Big decision taken on dusty celebrations in the state, Nitin Patel's announcement

Big decision taken on dusty celebrations in the state, Nitin Patel's announcement

A limited number of Holi cremations are allowed in the state, but the celebration of Dhuleti is banned.


● Rangotsav programs will not be allowed - Nitin Patel

● Religiously limited people can gather for Holi burning

● Violations will be dealt with as required

The authority will meet up the cupboard in our day to cut back the rising aura transition inside the state. The discussion will confer behavior to stay the transition to corona. during which beds for patients in hospitals are free to be reviewed. additionally , decisions are prone to be full to pull out the concessions prearranged as for each the Centre's guideline to curtail Corona. additionally , emblem 6 to eight schools that on track a month before may possibly in addition be closed. at the same time as lone online exam are available to be taken. Such has been discussed in the cabinet convention of the authority . the cupboard engagement plus will confer pleasing severe events to sort certain that persons abide by halo convention plus as masks and community distances. narrow dealings know how to plus be full to castigate individuals that result in without a mask appreciation to the greater than ever belongings of corona.

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Apart from that, the govt know how to as well embargo the celebration of imminent festivals inside the impending days. The authority may veto Holi from nature played in arable farm houses and let your hair down plots. as well as lessening in cheerful rituals. the govt may re-issue guidelines for festivals and merriment in picture of the transition. Two alleged clubs in Ahmedabad say additionally appealed to not celebrate Dhuleti.

Decision to close up hotel, restaurant, rations and brew market, mall, galla, tea stall in Ahmedabad after 10 pm

Decision to close for the day hotel, restaurant, cooking and drink market, mall, galla, tea stall in Ahmedabad after 10 pm

People are ready to be swayed to not pull together at the marriage

As the halo transition contained by the town increases, the city has finished out of the ordinary preparations to formulate in no doubt that the circle of light guideline is followed regular during the day. A 225-member panel from the lasting fritter away responsibility will conduct the investigation. during which hotels, malls, multiplexes plus will curb whether the pronounce of circle of light is followed.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What is an IPO? How people become wealthy

What is an IPO?  How people become wealthy

 IPO is the initial public offering.  Then see how people earn money through this IPO

An initial public offering (IPO) or stock market launch is a public offering in which shares of a company are sold to institutional investors[1] and usually also retail (individual) investors.[

 An IPO is underwritten by one or more investment banks, who also arrange for the shares to be listed on one or more stock exchanges. Through this process, colloquially known as floating, or going public, a privately held company is transformed into a public company. Initial public offerings can be used to raise new equity capital for companies, to monetize the investments of private shareholders such as company founders or private equity investors, and to enable easy trading of existing holdings or future capital raising by becoming publicly traded.

After the IPO, shares are traded freely in the open market at what is known as the free float. Stock exchanges stipulate a minimum free float both in absolute terms (the total value as determined by the share price multiplied by the number of shares sold to the public) and as a proportion of the total share capital (i.e., the number of shares sold to the public divided by the total shares outstanding). Although IPO offers many benefits, there are also significant costs involved, chiefly those associated with the process such as banking and legal fees, and the ongoing requirement to disclose important and sometimes sensitive information.


Details of the proposed offering a disclosed to potential purchasers in the form of a lengthy document known as a prospectus. Most companies undertake an IPO with the assistance of an investment banking firm acting in the capacity of an underwriter. 

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Underwriters provide several services, including help with correctly assessing the value of shares (share price) and establishing a public market for shares (initial sale). Alternative methods such as the Dutch auction have also been explored and applied for several IPOs.

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what is a mutual fund? This simple explanation of earning devotion helps Team

One thing, what is a mutual fund? This simple explanation of earning devotion helps Team 

What is a mutual fund? Mutual Fund Components Mutual Fund Plan Types Mutual Funds Needed for Peace? Focus Help this simple specification. See this one talk key ...

There are three primary structures of mutual funds: open-end funds, unit investment trusts, and closed-end funds. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are open-end funds or unit investment trusts that trade on an exchange.

Open-end funds Edit

Main article: Open-end fund

Open-end mutual funds must be willing to buy back ("redeem") their shares from their investors at the [[net asset value]] (NAV) computed that day based upon the prices of the securities owned by the fund. In the United States, open-end funds must be willing to buy back shares at the end of every business day. In other jurisdictions, open-funds may only be required to buy back shares at longer intervals. 

જુઓ આ હાઇવે ની વિશેષતા તેમજ એક ઝલક

For example, UCITS funds in Europe are only required to accept redemptions twice each month (though most UCITS accept redemptions daily).


Most open-end funds also sell shares to the public every business day; these shares are priced at NAV.

Open-end funds are often referred to simply as "mutual funds".

In the United States at the end of 2019, there were 7,945 open-end mutual funds with combined assets of $21.3 trillion, accounting for 83% of the U.S. industry.



Unit investment trusts Edit

Unit investment trusts (UITs) are issued to the public only once when they are created. UITs generally have a limited life span, established at creation. Investors can redeem shares directly with the fund at any time (similar to an open-end fund) or wait to redeem them upon the trust's termination. Less commonly, they can sell their shares in the open market.

Unlike other types of mutual funds, unit investment trusts do not have a professional investment manager. Their portfolio of securities is established at the creation of the UIT.

In the United States, at the end of 2019, there were 4,571 UITs with combined assets of less than $0.1 trillion.

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15/7/2018 NI PDF

In Gujarat government, teachers have to work in far-flung districts. Often they have to move away from their hometown to another district. When he is away from homeland, he does not preserve family relationships. Hence, teachers are being replaced by the government of Gujarat. Transfers are made to move to their own district. Its rules have been made. Whenever the teacher completes five years of his / her job, he / she has to fill out the form for the district. And they are replaced on the basis of seniority. So that he can go to his hometown

Elementary school teachers often do not know the rules of change. Or if there is less. This is why elementary school teachers know about the rules of transfer and understand about the rules of transfer, so they are given a PDF in this article. This PDF contains all the circulars to be replaced. This PDF is very important for anyone who knows of any replacement rules. This post is very important so that every teacher can easily understand the rules of change. So this PDF is just as important for every school principal.

Friends, in my blog named rajeshgprajapati, the following circulars are given to you, download and share today.

                     All paripatro, Gujarati paripatra, school gr, school paripatra, shala gr, shala paripatro, gujarat na paripatro, gujarat na darek jilla na paripatro, shikshan na paripatro, education gr, shikshan na tamam paripatro, educational gr, educational circular, gandhinagar circuler, government gr, government paripatro, sarkari paripatro, sarkari gr, sarkari shala na gr, sarkari shalana circuler, sarkari shala na paripatro, sarkari shala na full gr, gujarat ni tamam sarkari shala na gr ane paripatro, gujarat ni tamam government school na paripatro, gandhinagar thi aavta tamam paripatra, gandhinagar thi thata all gr, niyamakshri gandhinagar gr,  (P) (i) The rules under this chapter (a) shall apply to all types of transfers.  Unless the relevant type of change is explicitly exempted from any of the rules of this chapter.  i) In addition to the rules of this chapter for such transfers, the rules of the relevant type of transfers will also apply.  (3) Transfers of internal / mutual demands of upper primary / primary teachers / teaching assistants, district transfers shall be made once a year during summer vacation by public camp.  While the changes will have to be made even during the Diwali vacation.

        (2) The transfer of the teacher of the primary section to the primary section and the transfer of the teacher of the upper primary section to the upper primary section can be done only if the place of their subject (Mathematics - Science, Language and Social Science) is vacant. 

            (3) At the time of public transfer camp, the list of primary schools / vacancies as per the above mentioned department and subject wise schools / vacancies for upper primary department should be displayed on the board.  Any primary teacher who has the required qualification of upper primary teacher but has not been appointed in the upper primary section or has not been included in the upper primary section cannot be transferred to the upper primary section.

           The transfer camps of the four sections mentioned in Rule- (3) should not be held on the same date, at the same time and at the same place.  If the transfer camp is to be held on the same date and at the same place, the transfer camp will have to be held at different times or at different places in the same campus.  

          (10) Priority order: - i) Widow, disabled, teacher couple and member of Valmiki community should be given priority in case of all kinds of transfers.  The order of this priority will be according to (1) widow (2) disabled (3) teacher couple and (3) member of Valmiki society and priority will have to be given according to that order.  Even if he has taken advantage in the internal transfer of the district, he can take advantage of the priority in the district transfer and even if he has taken advantage in the district transfer, he can take advantage of the priority in the internal transfer of the district.  Who will be able to take advantage of the priority only once throughout the job. 

                This should be noted in the service book of the concerned teacher and in the service book of both husband and wife in case of taking advantage of the priority of the teacher couple.  (ii) In case of spouses, the demand of the non-beneficiary can be exchanged as per the general rule of transfer. 

            (iii) In the recruitment of education assistant, the teacher / education assistant who has taken advantage of the priority in place selection will not be able to get the benefit of priority.  The teacher who has taken advantage of the educational priority should be noted in their service book.  And they won’t be able to demand a replacement for at least three years.


15/7/2018 NI PDF

Badli niyamo useful gr 

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1990 no badli gr download Click here

9/1/1990 Badli gr Click here

27/7/2000 badli tharav suchano Click here

8/5/2002 badli suchno gr Click here

20/11/2001 badli gr suchno Click here

12/5/2003 badli babat gr Click here

4/6/2004 badli baabt gr Click here

30/6/2005 badli gr Click here

8/8/2006 badli gr Click here

Tabibi sarvar na najik na sthale badli aapva babat no 2019no gr Click here


Primary teacher badli rules sudharo babat 26/10/2020 no tharav Click here

Vadh ghat badli niyam spashtata 24/11/2020 no gr Click here

Badli Mate useful word file patrako

Vadh ghat badli mate useful All word namuna download karva Click here

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Gujarat High Court Driver Recruitment 2021 (HC OJAS), Apply Online

Gujarat High Court Driver Recruitment 2021 (HC OJAS), Apply Online

High Court of Gujarat - HCG distributed an authority notice for Recruitment of Driver posts. Qualified competitors can apply for this enlistment. You can see more insights regarding this enrollment including No. of posts, name of post, Educational capability, Age limit, Selection measure, How to apply and so forth You can likewise see official notice and other significant realities about this enrollment for example Significant connections and Important dates.

Occupation subtleties
No. of posts: 05
Name of posts: Driver
Qualification Criteria:
Instructive Qualification, Age limit and Other Details

All subtleties will be accessible after fifteenth March 2021.

Instructions to Apply
Intrigued and Eligible Candidates can apply online by beneath referenced connection.

Significant Links:

Official Notification

More Details

Apply on the web

Significant Dates

Commercial No.: RC/B.1304/2020

Application start from: 01/03/2021

Last date for application: 31/03/2021

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