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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Severe disappointment in government employees, neither payment of DA

Severe disappointment in government employees, neither payment of DA, nor any relaxation in income tax – Declaration of a big national movement of government employees

Union Budget 2021-22: Severe disappointment in government employee, neither payment of DA, nor any exemption in income tax – Declaration of a big national movement of government employees

Payment of DA

National Confederation of Government Employees
Govt. Employees National Confederation

For publication

Dated: 01.02.2021

Honorable Editor-in-Chief,

Budget Year-2121 Great disappointment among Government employees and general public

After the announcement of the general budget, there is tremendous disappointment among the employees of government and organized sector. Because none of the announcements about which the government employee was hopeful were made in favor of the employees. like –

The employee was waiting for the DA announced from January 2020 to be announced from January 1, 2021, but this did not happen. There was no exemption in income tax while salaried employees had expected, pensioners were also not exempt from income tax. Minimum pension for all types of pensioners was not announced. Increasing FDI from 49% to 74% in the insurance sector and privatizing 2 banks and 1 insurance company is deeply disappointing. In the public sector too, the government has disappointed the workers and workers by disinvestment and announcing privatization. The government did not make any effort in the budget to create employment. Inflation will increase due to cess of Rs 4 and Rs 2.50 on diesel and petrol respectively, which will increase the problems of common man.

On the other hand, the pensioner above 75 years of age should be exempt from income tax. Declaration to bring all laborers to ESI, Declaration of minimum wages to all laborers, Declaration to provide ration to all migrant laborers at their place of work, registration through laborers portal and declaration of One Nation One Ration Card , Allot to a budget of 1000 crores for the welfare of tea plantation workers is a welcome step, but getting the benefits of these announcements seems to be “far-fetched”.


Union Budget 2021-22: Tax proposals, relief to senior citizens, relief on dividends, simplification of income tax filing and other main things

Overall, for the common man, laborers, government employees and the unemployed, this budget is deeply disappointing, which the “National Federation of Government Employees” condemns and demands the government to announce the demands related to government employees soon otherwise this federation Will be bound for a big national movement.

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