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Wednesday, February 3, 2021



transfer of primary teachers Reference: Chief Electoral Officer, State of Gujarat Letter No .: GLA 2/121/4 (2) / 2, Dt. 01/12 / 30-9), Sir, the above subject is dated 1/10/2050 of this section  From the letter of the same number, as per the set up date dated 31/08/2020

you have sent the necessary instructions from the State Government to your office to organize the transfer camp in the state as per the following order.  Increase - Decrease change camp 3.  District Internal Transfer Camp 3.  District relocation camp 3.  District Internal Aras 5-5 Change Camp P.  Jillafer aras purse change camp.  

Proceedings of the said cap are currently in progress in the districts.  The above instructions for organizing the transfer camp are given with the approval of the State Government. The survey officer is informed to take note of the fact that no instruction can be given at the local level to cancel or postpone the transfer camp.

  In addition, as the voter list reform is also underway in the state, in the case of primary teachers who have been assigned the job of booth level officer, the transfer order will not have to be implemented till 15/01/2021.  

faithfully, (Subodh Joshi) Deputy Secretary, Education Department of tomorrow for information and necessary action.  Survey District Collectors Survey District Development Officers (Through Director, Office of Primary Education) Survey District Primary Education Officers.

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