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Thursday, January 28, 2021

Std 9 to 12 DD Girnar Prasaran Samaypatrak

The responsibility for the well-being of the students is the same as the way the captain travels the ship in the right direction and prioritizes the safety of the passengers, the school is the short version of society. The principal should take the initiative to guide the children in the right direction by influencing every event that takes place in the society.

Principals who claim to develop the organization by staying away from society do not accept social values. The implementation of the goals set for the development of the nation has been indicated by the highway curriculum, and schools have relied on working on approaches to walk on these state highways.
If the expectations of the society and the nation, the readiness for development without the ability or inclination of the people and the tendency to use the creative power of the teachers, the inability to provide dynamic leadership the school principal loses their image. To students and teachers.

Parents always have a sense of trust and respect for the principal. If the principal falls short of expectations, the status symbol is lost. The principal, i.e. the administrator or administrator – this is a false impression and the contribution of the principals in developing such an impression is significant.

The principal believes that the person who runs the organization has a big responsibility. If there is a question of parents, there is a problem of students, there is a need to think about the management of teachers, it remains to be seen whether they all study in the classroom.

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