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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module 18 Download word file

National initative for school Head’s and Teacher’s holistic advancement

મોડયુલ 18 :: POCSO અઘિનિયમ – ૨૦૧૨

In this module, teachers are child, child rights, child sexual abuse and its indicators. The Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act 2017 and an understanding of the role of teachers and schools in protecting children is the main objective of this module.

Rs. 2 line of subject matter: -

In order to achieve the above objectives, the outline of the subject matter is given.

Introduction to Training: -

1 Children-1098 Introduction to the Service: -

Children-1098 has been introduced across the country as a parent organization of service placement, management and supervision.

Understanding of Child and Child Rights: -

1. Child and child rights

. Activity-1: - Rights and requirements

. UNCRC and Child Rights: -

The above points have been beautifully elaborated.

Understanding of child labor: -

1. Understanding Child Abuse:

. Types of child abuse

. Activity-2 Give feedback

. Activity-2 Let us understand this

. Identification and indicators of child sexual abuse victims

. Do the activity-2 yourself

. Legal framework

It was beautifully presented by different activities by covering the above 1 to 3 points and presenting it in depth.


The Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act 2018 and the role of schools in its prevention and response: -

1. The role of schools in the prevention and response of Pokso Act-2018 and CSA

. POCSO ACT - Key Features of 2012

. Offenses and punishments specified under POCSO ACT - 2012

. Recent improvements

. Activity-2 Respond

. Reporting

. Do the activity-2 yourself

Based on the above points, the role of the teacher in protecting children against sexual offenses, their prevention and response has been deeply understood.

Summary: -

 All the above points are briefly summarized by the banyan tree.

Portfolio Activity: -

POCSO ACT - 2012 Concept, Dakar, Prevention and Protection Response Suggested

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