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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module 17 Download word file

National initative for school Head’s and Teacher’s holistic advancement

મોડયુલ 17 :: કોવિડ-૧૯ ના ૫રીપ્રેક્ષમાં શાળા શિક્ષણમાં ૫ડકારો

Description of Kovid-12 The main purpose of the study is to ensure the health and well-being of the other workers of the school, to promote various activities and education, to increase the use of advanced evaluation, to improve mental well-being.

Rs. 2 line of subject matter: -

In order to achieve the above objectives, the outline of the subject matter is given.

Introduction to Training: -

1 INTRODUCTION VIDEO: - Understanding the dangers in school education

Activity 1: - Precautions during an epidemic

What are the requirements for school education in the context of Kovid-12? : -

1. Activity-2: - Prevention is much better.

. Ensure safe schools.

. Give feedback

. Activity-2 Share your thoughts

The various activities mentioned above were a beautiful presentation of what we can do for the various challenges for school education in the context of COVID-12.

How to overcome the barriers for school education and ensure a safe school environment: -

1. 5 lashes of school education

. Assurance of safety in schools

. Activity-2 Test your understanding

Based on the above points, the understanding of ensuring a safe school environment has been deepened through video and text to address the challenges of school education and activities.

Eliminate learning disabilities. : -

- Explore automation techniques: -

There are descriptions and suggestions of self-management techniques to overcome obstacles in learning.


Making the study enjoyable: -

1. Enjoyable study: - An example

2. Do Activity-2 yourself.

Summary: -

 All the above points are briefly summarized by the banyan tree.

Portfolio Activity: -

Covid-12: In the perspective, it is suggested to describe the activities in school education through activity or planning.

Additional sources: -

Different weblinks have been provided for various information on the above topic.

Quiz: - Here is a quiz of 50 questions based on this subject, the mothers of which

   Giving sensible answers.

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