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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Nishtha Training Aheval Module 13 Download word file

National initative for school Head’s and Teacher’s holistic advancement

મોડયુલ 13 :: શાળા નેતૃત્વ

An overview of the module

After completing this module, teachers and head teachers gain an understanding of what they are capable of doing

The role of content

The role will explain the outline of the content


Concept and application

Give an understanding of this subject in English to Sunita Madam given in the video

Key areas of school leadership development

Transformation into Gold Development Study Teaching Process New Phase Leadership Partnership Leadership Importance for School Administration

School leadership in emergency situations

An understanding of this was given in English by Madam Smita malik through a video on how to develop leadership skills that will help you become effective and competent for leadership in school.

The concept of a school friend

Gain an understanding of the important aspects of self and motivation of this concept

Leadership level feature

If you want to be an effective leader then where are the basic corners of which some of the qualities are given here then there is the activity of responding in the blog


Definition of leadership

The definition of leadership is nicely explained

The importance of school leadership in the context of student learning

After teacher quality, school leadership is another important factor that affects students' learning. Research on student learning suggests school leadership on student learning after studying.

School leadership and student learning

As a school teacher leader you have implemented this understanding of the influence of school leadership on student learning in your school

Academic leadership for student learning improvement

Understanding this, Sunita Madam discussed the educational leadership in English through video

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