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Friday, October 16, 2020

Gujarat Election official Guideline Declared

Gujarat Election  official Guideline Declared

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Families in the US, which are facing the worst bite of the Coronavirus epidemic, are now facing a food crisis. He has to struggle to fill his stomach. People spend hours in queues so that they can get food. As far as can be seen, there are rows of cars and people are standing to collect donations. 

The closure of one business after another due to lockouts and strict restrictions made 22 million people unemployed and they have become dependent on donors for food and drink. The donors fear that one day it will happen that they will not be able to meet the tsunami of demands.

For example, 1,000 cars lined up at a distribution center set up by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank of Pennsylvania. The demand for food packets at the distribution center increased by 40 percent in March. Around 227 tonnes of food packets are being distributed in eight such distribution centers, as the family has failed to make arrangements for food. They have never turned to a food bank before," says Brian Gullish, the organization's vice president. 

He told that there are 350 food banks in Southwest Pennsylvania and people do not know about them, so people come to the same center. From New Orleans to Detroit, people across America have suddenly become unemployed and are turning to food banks.

This one is the most important step.

This step will give you the proper destination of work and safety features are also included.

Kampf gegen Ebola Symbolbild (D.Faget / AFP / Getty Images)WHO had warned against the risk of these 15 diseasesEbolaLike Kovid-19, it is also spread by a virus and people coming in contact with an infected person become ill. Most cases of Ebola have been seen in poor areas of Africa.

Perhaps the saddest picture of the new food insecurity of some American citizens came out on April 9 in San Antonio, Texas, where 10,000 cars were seen outside a food bank. Some families came in the night and sat in wait. "We haven't had a job for months," said a woman standing outside a food distribution center in Chelsea, Boston. She tells her name only Elana. She had a 15-day-old baby, a newborn. Her husband is not working. She has two more children. There is no food in her house."

Restaurants are closed due to lockdown. People are taking everything from the super market and depositing it in the house. Some big businessmen are coming forward to help cash the food banks. Feeding is helping America from unknown people to businessman Jeff Bejo.

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