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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pm Modi Government's Big Decision For Driving License

Pm Modi Government's Big Decision For Driving License

People were facing difficulties for all the works including national and international driving license fees, fitness certificates, registration fees. In which people have deposited fees but the process is not being completed due to lockdown. Apart from this, people cannot even deposit fees by going to RTO.

A statement issued by the ministry said that from February 1 this year, the validity of renewal of outstanding vehicle documents would be extended till July 31. This means that you will not have to pay any delay fee or any other type of penalty for registering a driving license or vehicle during this period.

The ministry said in a statement that the decision was taken in view of the situation caused by the Corona virus and the lockdown. This feature will only be available to drivers who have paid a fee for the renewal of a related document on or after February 1, but have not been able to complete the document renewal due to the Corona virus.

Earlier, due to the lockdown, the transport ministry had said in an order issued on March 30 that if one's license or any other document was to be renewed on or after February 1, it would be valid till June 30. The user can renew it at any time during this feature.

Application Form÷ associate degree individual is required to get a learning license so asto urge new driver's license. associate degree individual is required to use in kind No.2/4 for the aim of each learning also as driver's license, Medical Certificate in kind No.1(A) is additionally required to be connected. simply in case an individualwants to get driver's license for transport merchandise vehicle, & to urge online appointment or for additional details, please visit

Eligibility someone ought to have completed sixteen years to get license for two wheelers while not gear. someone ought to have completed eighteen years age to get license for twowheelers with gear, Motor-car, Tractor and different non-transport vehicles. For transport vehicles, associate degree individual should have completed twenty years aged. additionally he ought to be passed normal eighth pass and will have expertise of one year driving a light-weight automobile. Necessary Documents Proof elderly college going away Certificate, certificate, Passport, Pan Card, L.I.C. Policy or a Certificate from Civil sawbones or a Doctor like which willbe submitted as a symbol aged. Proof of Address college going away Certificate, Passport, L.I.C. Policy, Electoral citizen I-Card, Light Bill, phone bill, receipt of House Tax with address, Pay Slip of Central/State/Local self Government or associate degree testimony from applicant theretoeffect are often submitted asthe proof for address. 

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International driver's licenseor allow to get international driver's license, application in kind four (A) ought to be made along side the Medical Certificate in kind – one (A). Copy of Existing driver's license. Copy of passport, visa and 3 passport size pictures ought to be connected with the appliance. A fee of Rs.500/- is needed to be purchased this purpose. A allow is issued for a period of 1 year or until the validity of existing driver's license, whichever is earlier. Duplicate International Driving Permit isn't issued or revived when end. when end of International Driving Permit it's not revived. it should be noted that, such license is issued just for Indian citizen and that they are needed to be bestowed in R.T.O. in person.

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