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Friday, May 22, 2020

Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals

News Duniya :  Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. In view of this, the search engine giant Google has also made its video conferencing app ‘Google Meet’ available to all users around the world. 
Initially introduced as a premium app for paid users, but a free version of the app is slowly being released due to the growing demand for video call services worldwide due to lockdowns imposed by many governments to combat the Corona virus.
Education account requirement
The Google App or Education account is required to set up a call to the Meet app first. This is a Siite software, but now the company has made the upcoming Meet available for iOS and Android on the web and through a mobile app.
Permission to connect up to 100 people
For information, Google allows you to add up to 100 people to a video call via Meet. The tech giant said in a blog post that it has gradually made the Meet available in the coming weeks. Javier Soltero, President and GM of G Suite, said: "Our premium video conferencing product Google Meet is being made available to everyone for free next week.
Available to premium users first
The post also states that the free version of the app has been rolled out to all users in early May and all the services that were previously available to premium users. Which will be available for free to all. Anyone who has an email address in early May can sign up for Meet and enjoy the same features available to our Business and Academics users.
3 million new users are joining
Google said in a statement that the number of users will increase 30 times in January compared to this month.

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 The platform has had 3 billion minutes of video meetings this month and about 3 million new users are joining every day. There are also a lot of users and a lot of video calling.

Talking about other features available in this plan, it offers unlimited calling on Jio to Jio network. 3000 non-geo minutes are available for calling on any other network. 

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