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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Will 1 more month lockdown be extended?

Will 1 more month lockdown be extended?

Narendra Nath, New Delhi: After 21 days, the lockdown has been extended for another 19 days, ending on May 3. Now, however, suspense remains over whether the lockdown will be extended further. In PM Narendra Modi's meeting with the chief ministers today, the chief ministers of many states proposed extending the lockdown even after May 3. The meeting also agreed not to give a sudden delay in the lockdown. The Prime Minister told the meeting that the country has benefited from the lockdown and the situation is better compared to other countries. He also said that the fight has to be fought patiently.

PM Modi said, cautious politics has to be made after May 3

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the lockdown in the country would have an indefinite impact and the Koro crisis had a positive impact on India. However, there is still a need to formulate a vigilant political policy after May 3 with 'Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi' in mind so that the livelihood of the people can be normalized and the necessary steps can be taken to prevent the disease. "This is a long fight, we have to fight with patience," Modi told the meeting.
10 states spoke, the lockdown should be prolonged

In a meeting with the Prime Minister, about 10 states have spoken of extending the lockdown, where more cases of corona are still being found. This includes states like Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh. It may be noted that Telangana has announced to extend the lockdown till May 7.

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