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Thursday, April 23, 2020

No number is tracking? So, using these four codes, find out

No number is tracking? So, using these four codes, find out
Many of you will be friends whose friends complain that your number is always busy, sometimes even from the phone. It often happens that someone is calling up your phone and shows the phone out of reach, sometimes your mobile number is redirected to another number. So today we are giving you 4 USSD codes, using which you can know whether your phone has been tracked or not ...
▼▼☞ Code * # 62 #:
Often your number comes no-serve or no-answer. In this case you can dial this code to your phone. With this code you can find out whether your phone has been redirected to another number or not. Often the number is redirected to the number of operators.

▼▼☞ Code * # 21 #:
By dialing this code into your Android phone, you can know that your message, call or data is not being diverted to another place? If your call is diverted, then using this code you will get all the numbers including the number, along with the number that your call has been diverted to.


▼▼☞ Code ## 002 #:
There is a code for your Android phone that allows you to deactivate all the forwarding of any phone. You can dial this code if you are considering that your call is diverted.

▼▼☞ Code * # * # 4636 # * #* :
With this code you can get all the information about your phone. Such as the battery of the phone, the Wifi connection tax, the phone model, the RAM etc ... let you know, no money will be paid on dialing this code.

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