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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Botnet - A Brief Guide and Setup

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Today we are going to tell you a brief knowledge of botnet and we will also be going to learn how to create your own blacknet botnet.
So, without wasting our time let's get started...

create your own botnet
Botnet a brief guide and setup

What is Botnet?

Botnet is a hacking server or website created by black hat hackers to perform several activities on victim computers, laptops or PCs. Later we will discuss what activities they are. but you have to know one thing creating your own botnet is not illegal but performing activities on other PCs is illegal

Is Creating Botnet legal?

It has a simple answer no, creating your own botnet is not illegal but performing activities is illegal. But you can create your own botnet for testing purposes. and do not harm others you may be in trouble.

Create a botnet for black hat hacking
Create a botnet for black hat hacking

Why Botnet used by Blackhat Hacker

It is because in botnet if you are a victim then the owner of that botnet who has setup botnet will do anything with your system. it means you are fully hacked. that's why most black hat hacker uses botnet for hacking.

Command / Activities Performed by Botnet

There are several commands you can perform all commands list are given below

Client Command

  • Ping
  • Upload File
  • Show Message Box
  • Take Screenshot
  • Installed Softwares
  • Execute Scripts
  • Elevate User Status
  • Clean Temp Folder


  • Steal Firefox Cookies
  • Steal Chrome Cookies
  • Steal Bitcoin Wallet
  • Execute Password Stealer

Open Webpage

  • Open Webpage ( Hidden )
  • Open Webpage ( Visible )

DDOS Attack

  • Start DDOS
  • Stop DDOS


  • Start Keylogger
  • Stop Keylogger
  • Retrieve Logs

Computer Commands

  • Shutdown
  • Restart 
  • Logoff

Client Connection

  • Close connection
  • Move client
  • Blacklist IP
  • Update client
  • Restart client
  • Uninstall
Note- All of the above commands are performed but the most used botnet is for DDOS (Distributed Denial Of Service Attack).

create your own botnet
Botnet Full Knowledge

Create Your Own Botnet

Things needed to create your personal hacking server called botnet are
  1. One Gmail Account
  2. ooowebhost free hosting
  3. Botnet file ( Provided By us Free )
We are unable to show you here how you can create your botnet because it violates Google policy but if you want we will create your botnet at a very low cost.
we will create fully customized with admin panel botnet. If you really want one contact us at +17157213279 ( Whatsapp )
The price of a per botnet is 300 Indian Rupees or 5$ For Out of India Clients.

Proof Of Botnet

Darknet botnet setup
Create Botnet

create botnet
Create Botnet
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