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Monday, December 9, 2019

Perform a Dos Attack | Taking Website Down In a Minute

In this article, you are going to learn a very interesting topic which is How to Perform a Dos Attack and How a website got down in a sec. But you have to know something before starting the topic
  • Dos attack is illegal to perform without permission
  • If you perform it will be a criminal case
We are using window now to perform dos attack you can either perform it on Kali Linux too
So, Without wasting time let's get started

dos attack
Perform a dos attack

What is Dos Attack?

Dos means Denial of service attack. In this attack, we are going to penetrate the site by which how traffic it can be handle. Each site has a limit that can hold up to traffic but in this attack, we smash it with million of traffic result it got down and it shows server error or something else.

Is Dos attack is legal?

It depends if you have permission to penetrate a site then it will be a legal activity but if you are going to penetrate it without permission then it will be illegal and you might be in trouble.

Tools used in doing Dos attack

There are many tools available on the internet but today we are going to use loic (Low Orbit Ion Cannon).
It is a very powerful tools and hacktivist group also uses these tools.

How To Perform A Dos Attack

First of all download loic tools, you can download it from google or you can download it by clicking here Download Loic Tool
Disable your antivirus and then open loic it will look like this

Perform a dos attack
Perform a dos attack
the second step Enter your target website link or you can either add if you know the website IP after it clicks on the lock button then the website is locked and you can see the website IP. It looks like

Perform a dos attack
Perform a dos attack

Now add method of Dos attack like Http, UDP, TCP I prefer to use TCP it works nice. let me show you how to change it...

perform a dos attack
Perform a dos attack
Now simply click on Start Button It is Written in the form of IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER
then dos attack will start and take a look on the site which you are penetrating it won't able to open

perform a dos attack
Perform a dos attack

If you want to stop the attack click on stop flooding.
That's is it for today If you like our article do comment.

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