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Thursday, October 31, 2019

How To Become A Professional Carder

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Today I am not going to tell you how to become a professional carder but I will give you a E-book which helps you a lot or more than that in How to become a professional carder.

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How To Become A Professional Carder

Carding is an art of buying products or goods online with stolen cc ( credit card ). While doing carding you have to take some precaution because carding is an illegal activity and if you have been caught then you are in trouble.

How To Become A Professional Carder
How To Become A Professional Carder

Tools Needed In Carding

In Carding there are many tools needed and each tool is recommended because of our safety. Some of the tools are :
  • Ccleaner
  • Mac changer
  • and many more ( In E-book Full Knowledge Of  Recommended Tools )

Things we can do with carding

  • You can buy Products like Apple iPhone, Mac, Samsung Product, etc.
  • You can buy domain and hosting.
  • You can buy premium accounts like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon prime.
  • You can buy adult 18+ Accounts.
  • And a lot more
You just need a good bin non-vbv cc and some essential tools. That's all

How To Become A Professional Carder
How To Become A Professional Carder

You can buy good non-vbv bins from us too. Just contact us +91 8810633416 ( Whatsapp ).

If you want to buy E-book ( How To Become A Professional Carder ) Then here you can buy it.

Key Features Of This E-book

  • All Steps are easily understandable.
  • Simple Language
  • Easy to buy
  • Each Tool name is given in brief.
  • All steps of carding real
  • Own Created By Me ( Madadgar Blog )

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Hoe to become a professional carder

If you Enjoy this E-book Don't forget to comment here how you like it. We will very happy to see your comments.
If you a beginner carder and you have a problem then you may contact us for help.
If you are unable to make a Gmail account without phone verification then you can read this article by clicking here.

One more thing if you are a carder you have to know that why cc get blocked while carding. Read it By clicking here.

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